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MELOGRANO PURO Spray for rooms, 50 ml

Top Notes: Pomegranate, Grape, Herbaceous

Body note: Rose, Jasmine Tea, Cyclamen, Cassis

Final note: Lavender, Patchouli, Vanilla


MAGIA VENEZIANA Spray for rooms, 50 ml

Top Notes

Sweet Orange, Lime, Pine, Camphor, Licorice, Ginger

The fragrance opens with sparkling shades of citrus and orange and lime. The sweetness of vanilla is perceived at first glance, where it mixes unexpectedly with spicy and spicy touches of ginger giving a fresh woody scent reinforced by pine, camphor and licorice.

Middle Notes

Honey, Cocoa Butter, Rose, Carnation, Cinnamon

The composition in the body develops into a languid delight, with honey and cocoa butter reminiscent of a delicious cream. Light shades of pink and carnation leave a flowery trail, which then fades into the dreamy oriental and exotic atmosphere of cinnamon bark and vanilla pods.

Bottom Notes

Vanilla, Almond, Iris, Tonka Bean

The final part is characterized by sugary tones of caramelized almonds and vanilla, which then leave room for a soft musky and talcum base of iris and tonka bean.


ORO DI CEYLON Spray for rooms, 50 ml

Top notes

A fresh and lively fragrance opens with citrus notes reminiscent of Sicilian oranges.

Middle notes

In the middle, citrus notes blend harmoniously with the warm and spicy cinnamon of Ceylon, while hints of carnation enrich the heart of the fragrance with spicy floral tones.

Finishing notes

The fragrance ends with a warm combination of deep and enveloping Ceylon cinnamon and a touch of soft vanilla.


NETTARE DIVINO Spray for room, 50 ml

Top Notes

Black Berry, Citrus, Raspberry

The head of the composition has a riot of flowers and vinous notes.

Middle Notes

Jasmine, Turkish Black Rose, Gaerdenia

In the body of the fragrance opens a bouquet of fine flowers.

Bottom Notes

Toasted Wood, Black Grapes

In the final part of the fragrance the fragrance has its maximum expression with a sweet and extraordinary mix between the aged wine and flowers.


KAPADOKYA Spray for rooms, 50 ml

Top Notes
Orange Blossom, Orange Blossom

Middle Notes
Spices, Incense

Bottom Notes
Oud, Patchouli, Sandalwood


ROSSO VENEZIANO Spray for rooms 50 ml

Top Notes

Mandarin, Grapes, Green Apple, Plum, Berries

A slight hint of Mandarin opens the head of the fragrance that turns out to be intensely fruity thanks to the mixing of notes of black berried grapes with a fresh scent of green apple and a sweet touch of plum and berries.

Middle Notes

Grapes, Blueberries, Grass

The body of the fragrance is also fruity in a delicious combination of notes of black grapes, sweet and at the same time fresh, and blueberry, soft and fragrant. A hint of freshly cut grass enriches the body of the composition of green and lively notes.

Bottom Notes

Mix Fruity, Caramel

In the final part of the composition the fruity notes fade into a sweet caramel background.